State-Of-The-Art Telehealth Products And Services

TranscendConnect specializes in providing state-of-the-art Telehealth products and services to people located anywhere and everywhere. Transcend Telehealth offers a unique whole health solution that includes a standards-based Electronic Health Records (EHR) repository, along with Virtual Doctor/Nurse visits and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) - all within a single platform. Historically, to leverage these Telehealth apps, Care Providers had to purchase three individual products – that do not talk to each other. Not so with Transcend Telehealth – no more repetitive data entry that wastes clinician time and places your patients at risk

Transcend Telehealth Connect™ offers seamless integration with other EHRs, RPM services and Telehealth Apps. Further, we have built a robust Lifestyle Management service using our Telehealth platform that allows individuals to leverage RPM within their daily lives. It is a game changer that enables them to manage their health with immediate assistance from healthcare professionals – Anywhere. Anyplace. Anytime.

Transcend Telehealth™

  • Healthcare in real-time no matter where you are.
  • A fully integrated solution that offers an EHR, Virtual Doctor/Nurse visits and RPM within a single platform
  • Standards-based EHR that is compatible with Google Health and Apple Health
  • RPM tracks vitals continuously through a wearable or on-demand through FDA-cleared medical devices
  • High-Definition video conferencing that is persistent on the screen – no flipping back and forth between windows
  • Transcend Telehealth Connect easily integrates with other EHRs, RPM offerings and Telehealth apps

Transcend Lifestyle Management™

  • A physician-based RPM service that follows you wherever you go
  • RPM monitors chronic conditions and tracks changes in vitals over time – as they happen
  • Supports Apple Health and Google Health compliant wearables
  • Vitals are either taken directly from your wearable or pushed to our platform by an FDA-cleared medical device
  • Hi-Definition Virtual Video visits between patients and physicians

Restcomm On-Prem Real-Time Communications Platform

  • Restcomm On-Prem
    • Designed for Service Providers and Businesses
    • Programmable SMS & Voice
    • Key Telecommunications Modules
    • SMS Gateway – JAIN-SLEE – SIP Servlets – etc.
    • On Premise, public or private cloud, Hybrid Deployments
    • Carrier grade, scalable, fault tolerant
  • Transcend A2P
    • 1000 messages/second on a single server
    • Scales Linearly
    • Built-in billing system