TranscendConnect specializes in products and services that deliver often critical information in real-time. Our products are built on future-proof Cellular and Telecommunications; the most sophisticated and advanced technologies available. Transcend Telehealth is a unified platform that provides fully integrated healthcare services – From Lifestyle Management – to Remote Patient Monitoring – to virtual visits between patients and their doctors. Transcend Real-Time Communications offers a better way to build today’s high performing applications, using Telecommunications to transport data more efficiently

Transcend Telehealth™. Healthcare in
real-time no matter where you are.

  • Fully integrated platform offers comprehensive healthcare
  • Continuous Remote Patient Monitoring by licensed nurses
  • Lifestyle Management – a physician-based service that follows you
  • Beyond WiFi – monitoring anywhere there is a cell signal
  • Virtual video visits between patient and physician

Restcomm On-Prem Real-Time Communications Platform

  • Transcend A2P
    • Designed for Service Providers and Businesses
    • Up to 1000 messages per second on a single server
    • Scales linearly with TCP-based load balancers and Kafka
  • Restcomm On-Prem Real-Time Communications Platform
    • Programmable SMS & Voice
    • Key Telecommunications Modules (SMS Gateway, JAIN-SLEE, SIP Servlets, etc.)
    • On Premise, public or private cloud, Hybrid Deployments
    • Carrier grade, scalable, fault tolerant