Welcome to TranscendConnect

Hi folks,

Perhaps you arrived on our site…

a. Because just received the Telestax update from new CEO, Paul Doscher on the new Telestax – TranscendConnect partnership  

b. You received a note from us after filling out a web inquiry form on the Telestax/Restcomm website  

c. You may have found us through an organic web search.  Regardless, we’re pleased you are reading this blog.

As you can read below in the recent update from Paul Doscher, Telestax CEO, we are the authorized, Telestax Certified Partner for N America sales and support of the on-premises and 3rd party cloud use cases involving Restcomm. In this blog, let’s cover two key talking points to help you understand 1) when we fit as a vendor and 2) what our pricing models are.

When to think of TranscendConnect:

1. Any Restcomm use case in N America not running in a Telestax Cloud point-of-presence (POP) is when customers should look to TranscendConnect. If you are an enterprise, service provider or ISV planning to deploy a Restcomm-based application in your data center or deploying to a 3rd party cloud (Azure, Google, Oracle, your cloud) we are your choice.

2. Any use case that will be running the powerful Telestax Restcomm CPaaS Enablement Platform or the popular Telestax Message Exchange in their cloud is when you should think to contact them, or we can connect you to them quickly.

Pricing Models:

Our pricing models are easy to understand, attractively priced and offer the level SLAs your business needs.  Let’s take a minute to understand them better.

1. CAPEX: has been very attractive for prospects as it has been a staple in carrier-related use cases.  This pricing model is aligned with our customer’s and partner’s requirements.

2. Transactional Pricing: allows customers and partners pick their concurrent transactional limit per month.

3. Metered Pricing: allows customers and partners to pick their cumulative transactional limit per month.

4. Managed Services: is a cumulative transaction limit per month based on the tier purchased in our hosted service.

Let’s connect to explore how we can meet your needs for real-time communications.  When it comes to your satisfaction, we want to be transcendent!

Best regards,

(transcendent: beyond or above the range of normal experience….surpassing the ordinary; exceptional)