About TranscendConnect

About Us

TranscendConnect is a sales, marketing and support organization for 3rd party-developed communications applications and middleware for North America.  We provide mailouts to prospects on these applications, host webinars with demonstrations, PoCs, provide licensing and assist with installations.  Our team provides Professional Services to customize middleware and applications to meet our customer’s requirements.


TranscendConnect is the only North American Telestax Certified Partner authorized to provide commercial licenses for the Restcomm middleware stack.  You should think of us for any use case in which Restcomm middleware is not being deployed in the Telestax Cloud.

So, if you wish to run any of the Restcomm Platform software modules or the entire software stack in 1.) your data center 2.) your 3rd party cloud such as Google, Oracle, Azure or your deployment in AWS or 3.) your private cloud then please contact us and our team of Restcomm experts will be pleased to help you.

Restcomm Support

TranscendConnect has a network of world-class partners that provide support for these applications and middleware.  Each of these partners has over 5 years of supporting Restcomm-based production applications for their customers.  They have also been doing advanced development and professional services work for Restcomm customers as well as developing their own applications for carriers.   They are all well respected by carriers and service providers in supporting high-requirement, production SLAs.  These partners are chosen for customer requirements based on matching the best partner for the specific needs of our customers.

Secure Restcomm

We are partnering with a security vendor that easily enables the most secure version of Restcomm available today.  SMS, for example, is known to be easily hacked.  This new form of PKI is able to secure SMS and the other modules in Restcomm.

Coming later in May

Stay tuned for our upcoming announcements later in May regarding applications in the communications space from our partners that we will be bringing to the US market.

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