About TranscendConnect

TranscendConnect is a marketing and sales company that represents Communications products and services (cloud and on-premise). We fundamentally believe applications that provide high-value today and in the future are based on Communications technology such as Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) and Cellular. Our platforms and applications are built on standards-based Telecomm Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that encourage the integration of added-value applications and technologies. APIs make delivering products and services that are high performing, future-proof and significantly easier to maintain.

Cellular provides flexibility and performance for our Remote Patient Monitoring and Active Lifestyle Monitoring services because it allows continuous monitoring anywhere there is a cell signal. Current patient monitoring solutions are restricted to registered WiFi locations. Dr Connect is built upon a CPaaS platform that moves information at lightning speed and it embeds high-resolution video for crystal clear conversations between patient and doctor – within a single dashboard.

Our Restcomm On-Prem platform offers a full Telecomm stack upon which to build real-time communications applications. And Transcend A2P allows businesses to instantaneously push millions of messages, simultaneously, to their target consumers using SMS (text).

TranscendConnect fundamentally believes that today and tomorrow’s advanced applications will be built using these new Communications and Telecomm platforms. We are committed to leveraging these advanced technologies and are excited to participate in its success.