Collabr. The only collaboration platform built for Service Providers.

The collaboration application market has heated up to become one of today’s fastest-growing technology spaces. Now Service Providers can benefit from this exciting technology. Enterprises have traditionally looked towards their Service Provider partners for all of their communication needs. You have been there to provide them with VOIP, mobile, Unified Communications, and supportive infrastructure. It only makes sense that you become their go-to partner to meet their collaboration needs as well.


Collaboration Enablement

Collabr is a collaboration platform that provides the capabilities traditionally offered by Slack – with one big difference. SIP integration. Collabr has been engineered specifically with you in mind. Your enterprise customers now have the ability to use a state-of-the-art collaboration platform that easily connects to their existing PBX – supplied and managed by you.

White Label Collaboration Platform

Collabr supports the full range of white labeling by you or your customers. The platform can be enhanced by customizing the look-and-feel with a logo and corporate colors.