Collabr. The only collaboration platform built for Service Providers.

The collaboration application market has heated up to become one of today’s fastest-growing technology spaces. Now Service Providers can benefit from this exciting technology. Enterprises have traditionally looked towards their Service Provider partners for all of their communication needs. You have been there to provide them with VOIP, mobile, Unified Communications, and supportive infrastructure. It only makes sense that you become their go-to partner to meet their collaboration needs as well.


Collaboration Enablement

Collabr is a collaboration platform that provides the capabilities traditionally offered by Slack – with one big difference. SIP integration. Collabr has been engineered specifically with you in mind. Your enterprise customers now have the ability to use a state-of-the-art collaboration platform that easily connects to their existing PBX – supplied and managed by you.

White Label Collaboration Platform

Collabr supports the full range of white labeling by you or your customers. The platform can be enhanced by customizing the look-and-feel with a logo and corporate colors.

The Collabr™ Platform

Collaborate like everyone is in the same room

Collabr™ is a cloud-based, fully-featured mobile & desktop collaboration application, providing messaging in public or private channels to any user company-internal or company-external in real time, SIP integration, file sharing, geo-aware audio conferencing, live streaming HD video conferencing. Similar in usability to Slack or Skype for Business, Collabr™ offers significantly better integration options and higher voice/video performance at a much lower per user cost.

About Collabr™

  • 10,000,000 existing users in APAC
  • The only collaboration platform that can connect to any SIP PBX
  • Enables extending any 3rd party application through the Collabr API layer
  • Collabr users can connect to any end user anywhere in real-time for free
  • Designed to meet the demands of global carriers
  • Offers multiple pre-built personalities
  • IT Support, Telemedicine, IoT

Current Collabr™ Feature List

Unlimited message history Audio to text conversion White Labeling
Public channel Analytics reporting Real-time  user federation
Private channel Engagement dashboard Webhook integration
Broadcast channel Live streaming REST API
Mobile and web Mentions Screen sharing during call
Live chat Read receipt Bot support
Email Social network login Peer-to-peer with push
Omni channel integration Conferencing server Streaming video conferencing
Multifactor authentication Custom domains Quality audio conferencing
LDAP/Active directory Live broadcast to YouTube File  sharing across servers
Lock rooms Video calls Mute/unmute remote users
SIP connectivity Softswitch connectivity Off-net SMS (SMS enablement)
SIP Gateway (PSTN support) Join video via SIP Notifications and alerts

Key Collabr™ Advantages for Service Providers

  • The only collaboration platform with SIP Integration for any SIP endpoint
    • Cloud, on premise, hybrid
    • Easily offer Collabr to your VOIP business customers as an added value service
    • Add Collabr to your PBX customers to extend & enhance their communication capabilities
  • Off-Net SMS (support for SMS-enabled DIDs)
  • SIP gateway (PSTN support)
  • Collabr is a white-label product
    • Service Providers can brand their solution with their own look & feel (logos, colors, etc.)
  • High performance Voice Conference calls using our geo-location routing
    • Nearest tower to caller
  • Streaming HD Video offers much higher performance and quality than webRTC
  • Attractive margins for Service Providers vs existing collaboration platforms

Collabr™ Advantages for Enterprises

  • Collabr™ will become the communication backbone of your organization
    • Internally: Sales, Marketing, Support (Jira integration), Engineering, Executive,
    • Externally: Customers, Partners, Prospects
  • Real-time Federation
    • External users can be added to a conversation on the fly at no cost
    • Voice calls
    • Streaming HD Video calls
  • Multi-factor Authentication & End-To-End Encryption

Collabr™ Advantages for Enterprises

  • REST APIs allow extensions to be made to Collabr or integrations with other platforms
  • Webhook integration support
    • Zapier, Asure alerts, Bitbucket, GitHUB, GitLab, Google Calendar, Jira, Box, plus more
  • Live HD Streaming Video
    • Much higher quality than webRTC
    • Tested for video conferencing to 25 users
    • Incredible quality on mobile or desktop
  • Omni-channel Integration
    • Collabr users can initiate a chat and instantly chat to Facebook Messenger or What’s APP or Telegram users
  • 1-touch Migration from Slack, Hipchat
  • Live Broadcast to YouTube
  • Channel owners will be able to broadcast their camera feed live to the Livestream feature which allows all users on the channel to watch a common stream
  • Bot Support
  • Off-Net SMS (support for SMS-enabled DIDs)
  • Multi-factor Authentication & End-To-End Encryption
  • Pricing is dramatically less than leading collaboration platforms

Collabr Supported Language List (Partial)

English Francais Romana
Afrikaans Magyar Slovencina
Bosanki Bahasa Indonesia Shqip
Catala Italiano Svenska
cestina Lietuviu kalba Turkce
Cymraeg Latviesu valoda Uyaurqa
Dansk Bahasa Melayu Shqip
Deutsch Norsk Tieng Viet
Esperanto Polski Bassa (Cameroon)
Espanol Portugues do Brasil Hi-IN
Eesti Portugues

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