Add Collaboration To Your 2020 Offerings

Let your customers collaborate as if they are in the same room

Unlike Slack, Collabr™ is built specifically for Service Providers and PBX Vendors. Collabr adds immediate value by offering a SIP integration that works directly with your customer's PBX. Now you can participate and monetarily benefit in one of the hottest and fastest growing market segments. Connecting is simple and your customers manage all of their communication apps from a single dashboard provided by you.

  • Full SIP integration - built for Service Providers and PBX Vendors
  • Real-time messaging - streaming HD video - voice conferencing
  • White labeling customizes Collabr with your look-and-feel
  • Customers can add anyone to a chat, voice or video call in real-time - with no added cost

Migration from Slack to Collabr is a simple one-touch process.

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