Transcend A2P Details

Transcend A2P offers Service Providers a new revenue opportunity that fits nicely into your existing business goals. Flexible configuration options perfectly match your business customer’s needs. For small to midsized businesses, the platform can be deployed as a managed service that provides customer access. For large companies that require thousands of messages to be sent per second, Service Providers can sell a full license instance to these customers. In both cases, the Service Provider collects revenue for all of the SMS (and soon RCS) traffic, while increasing their business customer satisfaction.

Large organizations also benefit from using Transcend A2P as a results-oriented addition to their strategic customer marketing and communication efforts. Click here to learn about the amazing business benefits of customer message marketing.

Transcend A2P Managed Service

A2P Managed Service

Transcend A2P at Customer Location

A2P at Customer Location

Multi-Tenant A2P Platform

Transcend A2P is a multi-tenant platform, meaning that each administrator works in his or her own private space but has access to a single platform instance. Typically associated with cloud platforms, Transcend A2P is a platform that can run on-premise or in a cloud. The platform’s architecture makes it ideal for Service Providers and large organizations alike.

Multi-Tenant Billing

In addition to sharing a platform instance, Transcend A2P has utilized multi-tenancy to implement its billing system. The platform keeps track of all messages sent from each individual administrator. This provides a built in billing system for Service Providers that implement Transcend A2P as a managed service. Each customer accesses their own private user interface and the system monitors all message counts sent by each individual business using the service.

Businesses that implement Transcend A2P can use the billing system to charge back or track message activity to each department using the platform.

Multi-Tenant Platform Access

Administrators gain access to the platform through a custom URL which points to a web-based user interface client. Browsers supported include Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. The user interface connects to the platform through an open API layer. Businesses and Service Providers can also connect their added value apps to the platform using this same open API.

A2P Managed Service
A2P Linear Scalable

Linear Scalability

Transcend A2P is a fault tolerant and highly scalable platform. It can be deployed on a single server or distributed across multiple servers. Distributing across multiple servers will offer higher performance and message throughput. A single Mongo server is capable of sending up to 1,000 messages a second. Adding additional Mongo servers adds up to 1,000 additional messages for each server.