Corporate Lifestyle Monitoring™

Both private and public companies depend heavily on their executive teams to make quality decisions that will move the company forward in a positive and profitable direction. Private companies will have a smaller executive team, whereas public companies (depending on size) may have hundreds of executives. Regardless of the company size, the need to ensure the health of key leaders is the same. If possible, it is always best to head off any health issues before they become an emergency. Transcend Corporate Lifestyle Monitoring™ is an implementation of Transcend’s Lifestyle Management™ service that detects changes in key vital signs – both sudden and over time.

We Focus On Your Health So You Can Focus On Your Career

As an executive, you live a high-stress life. You are always on the go, answering questions, planning business strategy – and in some cases answering directly to the board. And it seems you have little time for yourself. It just seems one thing happens after another that requires your attention. All of this makes it difficult to focus on your health. However, acknowledging and managing your health-related issues is important to keep them at bay. This is where we come in. Transcend Corporate Lifestyle Monitoring is a service that does the heavy lifting for you by constantly tracking your vitals in the background while you go about your daily life. You wear a monitoring wearable or utilize an FDA-cleared medical device and we do the rest

Our Monitoring Service Is Backed Up By Our Medical Staff

Transcend Active Lifestyle Monitoring works through our monitoring staff, licensed nurses and physicians to provide more predictable health outcomes and supports a longer and more vibrant life. We work with one of our medical staff to set up a custom Care Plan for monitoring your vitals. Whether you are performing an activity, lounging by the pool or sitting at your computer, we are there for you around the clock. If at any time, a vital sign we are monitoring exceeds the maximum condition set by the medical staff, our monitoring staff will be alerted on our Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Dashboard. You will then be contacted immediately by video, phone or text to inform you of the issue and check to make sure you are ok. A Nurse and/or Doctor will be included in the conversation when necessary to recommend any next steps. The goal is to correct issues before they become an emergency.

Providing Trend Analysis For Predictability

We maintain vitals reporting numbers over time in our Electronic Health Records (EHR) database. This provides us with important trending information.

Our RPM Service Works With Your Apple and Google Smart Watches

Our RPM service is capable of working with Smart Watches that are Apple Health and Google Health compliant. If you have an existing Smart Watch that meets these criteria, we will work with you to see if it supports monitoring one or more chronic conditions. These conditions need to be part of your personal Care Plan set up for you by our medical team. We send monitoring data using Bluetooth or Cellular. Cellular Smart Watches send data directly to our server. Bluetooth Smart Watches send data to an application on your mobile phone, which in turn, sends data over a cellular network to our server.

We Monitor FDA Cleared Medical Devices

Not all chronic conditions can be monitored through your wearable. When this happens, we will make FDA-cleared medical devices available to you that are fit for purpose. FDA-cleared medical devices we support include, but are not limited to:

  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Blood Glucose Meter
  • Weight Scales

Protecting Your Future

TranscendConnect is committed to working with the latest and best monitoring applications and technologies to ensure you can benefit from them. They are improving so rapidly, that it is difficult to stay ahead of the game with a single app or technology. For example, you can have a wearable, but also have an app on your phone that collects vitals by scanning your face or an app that gets vitals by placing your finger on your smartphone camera. We will provide recommendations for what works best based on the Doctor’s Care Plan. Currently, we believe wearing a Smart Watch day/night complimented by a smartphone app that gathers vitals on the spot is highly beneficial. This allows us to collect constant patient vitals over time and also get instant readings when you want them.