In the Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) market, physician-generated Care Plans dictate whether or not services will be reimbursed by insurance/Medicare/Medicaid. A Doctor performs a health assessment and then builds a plan that is specific for your individual need for care. For us, the Care Plan must include chronic health conditions that require monitoring. When this happens, most of the RPM service cost will be covered by insurance/Medicare/Medicaid, making the service a highly economical and proactive extension of your healthcare.

When you place an order for our RPM service, we will reach out to you to obtain your insurance information. We will also send you a link to our patient portal where you will provide us with your medical history (similar to going to a new Doctor) and complete a few other standard healthcare related forms. You will then be connected with one of our Doctors to assess your health needs. If it is determined that you have one or more chronic conditions that would benefit from monitoring, our Doctor will set up a Care Plan that qualifies you for our RPM service and your purchase will be completed. We work through our Doctors initially because they know our RPM service, our system and the benefits they provide, completing the set-up process faster and more efficient. Once you are set up, you can either continue with our Doctor or we will be happy to move to a Doctor of your choice. This initial step is required to make sure you are qualified to participate in our monitoring service and we can bill insurance.

Yes. Doctors play a very important role within our RPM service. First, only they are qualified to set up a Care Plan that requires monitoring one or more chronic conditions. This is a necessary first step in qualifying you before setting up your near cost-free monitoring. Second, although you will be continuously monitored by a state-licensed nurse, a Doctor will be connected to any call where a medical decision or recommendation is needed to support your health.

Our RPM service is available at almost no cost to individuals who have insurance/Medicare/Medicaid and also have a Care Plan in place that prescribes monitoring. A Care Plan must be set up by our Doctor that addresses the specific chronic condition(s) requiring monitoring. We get reimbursed for our RPM service by Insurance/Medicare/Medicaid, which lowers your cost significantly.

For monitoring to do its job for you, it must be continuous – no matter where you are located. Most monitoring services today utilize Bluetooth (WiFi) to move vital sign data. Bluetooth is good for short-range distances (like pairing accessories) but fails with long-range distances. On the other hand, cellular is good for both short and long-range distances. Transcend’s RPM dashboard application receives information from a cellular network. If your wearable utilizes Bluetooth only, you will need to have your mobile phone in close enough proximity to successfully move your monitoring data from your Smart Watch to your mobile phone. Your mobile phone then transmits your monitoring data to our Nurse’s RPM dashboard for observing. If your Smart Watch supports cellular, monitoring data is transmitted directly to our Nurse’s RPM dashboard application. Although Transcend RPM works with Smart Watches that support only Bluetooth, we believe cellular offers a more straightforward process. Also, know that it is important to keep all devices in the monitoring process charged. A Bluetooth device can disconnect from a device it has been paired with. If this happens, you will need to follow the steps taken in the initial pairing process. Also, know that it is important to keep all devices in the monitoring process charged.

The Apple Smart Watch is the only other brand of wearable we currently support. At this time, Google does not offer an open interface so we are unable to communicate with Google products to receive monitoring data. Although Transcend’s Smart Watch is significantly less expensive, we have no preference for which smart watch you select. We can receive monitoring data from Apple Smart Watches that support either Bluetooth or cellular (click here to read about the benefits of cellular). However, it is important that the Apple Smart Watch you select or currently have can monitor at least one of the vitals that our Doctor’s Care Plan is based on. And if you wish, we will gladly help you with your Smart Watch selection if needed.

No problem, we can connect our monitoring service to an existing Apple Smart Watch that supports either Bluetooth or cellular. However, keep in mind that your Apple Smart Watch must be able to monitor at least one of the vitals that our Doctor’s Care Plan is based on. We will assess the viability of your existing Apple Smart Watch during our qualification assessment, which happens before you purchase our RPM service.