TranscendConnect™ is pleased to announce that we have joined forces with Censon® Health, the premier provider of Telehealth product and services. The results of our new relationship brings a new full-featured Telehealth product and services with increased collaboration capabilities - at a lower cost. We have succeeded in achieving simplicity – an elusive quality in any digital health project. We offer top of the line and unique telemedicine solutions with our Collabr Telehealth™ web portal, tablet app and services.

Key features include:

  • Monitor patients 24/7
  • Remote monitoring available by state-licensed doctors and nurses
  • Significantly reduced Telehealth costs - average of 30%
  • Increase the productivity and skill of your frontline staff
  • Open Software platform - utilize our hardware and wearables or yours
  • Crystal clear HD streaming video and on-the-fly live chat
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