RestcommTC is the on-premise commercial platform and telco modules that have been historically offered by Telestax Inc. Telestax made the decision to focus solely on their Restcomm CPaaS (Communication Platform As A Service) Enablement platform, leaving those who want individual telco modules or the on-premise platform with no alternatives – until now. Transcend Connect is the sole authorized distributor for the Restcomm on-premise platform and modules in North America. TranscendConnect not only offers the on-premise platform and modules – we also offer full high-quality service and support for all of the products we distribute.

Leveraging the RestcommTC platform or Telestax Restcomm CPaaS Enablement platform

The Telestax Restcomm CPaaS enablement platform is a cloud-based product that is hosted in the Amazon cloud. Applications developed with Telestax Restcomm are deployed in AWS and all of your data is stored in the AWS cloud. It is not possible to deploy applications developed with Telestax Restcomm anywhere other than their cloud – no on-premise, public (outside AWS) or private cloud – or hybrid deployments.

However, much of the functionality between the two platforms is equal, the difference mainly lies in where you develop your application and how it gets deployed. Another difference is Telestax does not offer the telco modules available within the platform stand-alone. It is always a full platform sale. And within their full platform, they no longer offer all of the telco modules available in RestcommTC.

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