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Restcomm On-Prem is the on-premise commercial platform and telco modules that have been historically offered by Telestax Inc. Telestax made the decision to focus solely on their Restcomm CPaaS (Communication Platform As A Service) Enablement platform, and has partnered with TranscendConnect to serve those who want Restcomm On-Prem and its individual telco modules. Transcend Connect is the sole authorized distributor for the Restcomm On-Prem platform and modules in North America. TranscendConnect not only offers the on-premise platform and modules – we also offer full high-quality service and support for all of the products we distribute. TranscendConnect’s “white glove” support has our customers very happy! Our team is developing some of the next generation Restcomm On-Prem modules.

Restcomm On-Prem Real-Time Communications Platform

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Restcomm On-Prem

Restcomm On-Prem refers to the Commercially licensed version of Restcomm that is deployed outside the Telestax Cloud and offers several attractive options for deployment:

  • From your datacenter or any site deployed in an internal application.
  • From your datacenter or any datacenter deployed to a 3rd party cloud or hybrid cloud.
  • Embedded in your application, usually in perpetual custom pricing.
  • Restcomm On-Prem modules can be deployed in a combination of modules such as our Solution Bundles (see below) or individually.
  • Since Restcomm On-Prem is a commercial license, changes to the code base do not have to be contributed back into the open source community.
  • The commercial license has added features that are attractive in production environments with some modules showing performance gains of 30%+ over the open source Restcomm. Of course, the Commercially licensed version has undergone much more testing with better documentation.

Restcomm On-Prem Pricing Options

The most popular pricing model for Restcomm On-Prem is per module, with Annual or Perpetual licensing and either Standard or Premium Support SLAs. There are several other options that can be explored such as Managed service, metered and TPS (only with an annual TPS audit).

What is the most cost-effective pricing model?

As is often the case in the telecom space, particularly with carriers, the Perpetual Pricing model is the most cost-effective pricing model. It is based on annual per module pricing X 3.5 and can be acquired with either Premium or Standard Support SLAs.

Restcomm On-Prem Solution Bundles

Our Solution Bundles are combinations of modules often used in use cases such as 2-factor authentication where scalability and/or availability are required. Often, Restcomm On-Prem Load Balancer is coupled with 2 or more SIP Servlets or SMSC Gateways. But there are other popular module combinations. These are offered in Perpetual and Annual license models.

One of TranscendConnect’s customers, SnapAV/Control4 has seen their transaction volume grow 3X over the last 3 years using a combination of Restcomm On-Prem SIP Servlets and Load Balancers.

Embedding Restcomm On-Prem into your applications

Some of the largest UCaaS companies globally OEM or embed Restcomm On-Prem SIP Servlets. This is largely because of the price performance and the stability provided by the SIP Servlets within the application. Usually, they are priced on a per instance price, in a perpetual model, far below the list price shown on our Pricing page. Additionally, our team can guide your team through this process through development support and of course, production support.

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