Transcend A2P™

A2P (Application to Person) technology offers the ability for applications to communicate directly to individuals through SMS. The application can speak with a single person for example appointment reminders, loyalty programs, banking notifications and special offers. Or it can speak with a very large group of people for example weather alerts, missing children alerts, state or county emergency alerts.

Transcend A2P offers feature-rich, higher-performing bulk messaging at a significantly lower cost than other A2P platforms on the market. Transcend A2P is the platform of choice for Service Providers and their business customers looking to effectively communicate with their customers.

Transcend A2P For Service Providers

If you are a service provider, you demand a platform that offers excellent service levels with security and fraud protection for your customer’s mission-critical use of A2P SMS - such as bank alerts, delivery reminders, Two-factor Authentication or surveys. You also demand a platform that offers reliable, high-quality and cost-effective delivery to mobile end users.

A2P Architecture Change

The Transcend A2P gateway offers unsurpassed bulk SMS performance and flexibility. The gateway’s performance is increased with the addition of MongoDB servers. A single server is capable of sending up to 1,000 SMS per second based on configuration parameters and it scales linearly.

The platform will work with a TCP-based load balancer and Kafka to produce the highest performance and throughput possible.

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Transcend A2P For Businesses

If you are a business, you are looking for an A2P platform that enables easy set-up, high performance, straightforward management and full control (who will receive your messages, when they are sent and notification if they are not received).

Transcend A2P offers an efficient way to quickly and easily communicate with your customers. The A2P platform offers a management interface (dashboard) that allows administrators to set up message content, email templates, lists and set the number for retries for failed sends.

And there is a configuration that will fit the needs of small to large businesses. Transcend A2P is cost effective, high performing and reliable.

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