Transcend Lifestyle Management™

Transcend Lifestyle Management™ is a highly interactive, medical-based monitoring service that includes Transcend’s Remote Patient Monitoring™ (RPM) at its core. Our RPM service is designed to track and manage one or more chronic conditions so they are significantly less likely to become a health event. Transcend Remote Patient Monitoring service extends traditional RPM to protect you as you live your life – on a 7×24 basis. It is a game changer that enables you to manage your health with immediate assistance from healthcare professionals – Anywhere, Anyplace, Anytime. Transcend Lifestyle Management is the missing piece that has prevented you from successfully executing your Whole Health Plan

The Importance of a Whole Health Plan

Attaining whole health is important for achieving enjoyable longevity. Although there is no guarantee of longevity, there is a lot that is under your control. Achieving whole health requires your attention to four distinct but highly complementary areas: monitoring your existing chronic condition(s), understanding and managing your bloodwork results, awareness of your genetics and maintaining your activity level.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Transcend Remote Patient Monitoring™ (RPM) is the heart of our Transcend Lifestyle Management service. Our RPM service offers continuous monitoring of chronic conditions and tracking changes over time – as they happen. Monitoring statistics are either taken directly from your wearable of choice or pushed to our platform by an FDA-cleared medical device. If at any time, a vital sign we are monitoring exceeds the maximum condition set by our medical staff, our monitoring staff will be alerted on our Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Dashboard. You will then be contacted immediately by video, phone or text to inform you of the issue and check to make sure you are ok. A Nurse and/or Doctor will be included in the conversation if necessary to recommend any next steps. The goal is to correct issues before they become an emergency.

Regular Interval Bloodwork

If you have chronic health conditions, regular blood panels are essential to improving the vitals that we are monitoring for you. With comprehensive bloodwork, you and your Dr can gain important insight into what may be causing any “out of range” vitals. Managing bloodwork results along with focusing on your Care Plan can go a long way toward improving your health outcomes. Addressing your areas of concern with your doctor’s guidance and reviewing your bloodwork in monthly or 45-day turnarounds can result in managing your “out of range” vitals and adjusting accordingly.

Genetic History

Your genetic history is important information that goes into creating and executing a Transcend Lifestyle Management Care Plan. Knowing your genetic history allows you and our medical staff to minimize “surprises” by setting up a Care Plan to monitor and manage key vitals – before they become an issue. Many times, family genetics fly under the radar until they pop up suddenly as a “surprise” health issue. If you know your genetic history (chronic conditions your parents and siblings have or had) inform our medical staff so it can be incorporated into your Care Plan. If not, there are vendors we can point you to that offer genetic “blueprints” through their testing to help you understand your genetic results. Continuous monitoring allows Transcend RPM to store data over time and recognize when patterns begin to form that need proactive attention.

Activity Level

Maintaining a healthy activity level not only keeps you fit but also improves your quality of life and could likely help to extend your life expectancy. For a large percentage of us, exercise must fit into an already busy schedule, making it not the single focus of our day. Regardless, a little exercise goes a long way toward maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Continuous monitoring of your vitals, while you exercise or perform an activity, helps to ensure it is as enjoyable as it is beneficial. Transcend focuses on your health while you focus on living life and staying fit.

Key Components of Transcend Lifestyle Management

  • Active Remote Patient Monitoring – no matter where you are located
  • Dr/Nurse – Patient collaboration to develop a proactive Care Plan
  • 24×7 Remote Patient Monitoring for vitals by our medical staff
  • Regular interaction with Transcend medical staff to check well-being, compliance with prescriptions, exercise, etc.
  • Collaborating with medical staff can uncover issues like vertigo, which if not addressed will most likely lead to falls
  • Follow your Physician’s recommendation for bloodwork to better understand the physiologic status of your body
  • Maintaining vast amounts of physiologic data in our Electronic Health Records (EHR) database for trend monitoring
  • Historical analytics = more predictable outcomes
  • Better decisions can be made by each patient and their Dr in the management of their overall Lifestyle

Our RPM Service Works With Google Health and Apple Health Smart Watches

Our RPM service is capable of working with Smart Watches that are Apple Health and Google Health compliant. If you have an existing Smart Watch that meets these criteria, we will work with you to see if it supports monitoring one or more of your chronic conditions. These conditions need to be part of your Care Plan set up for you by our medical team. We send monitoring data using Bluetooth or Cellular. Cellular Smart Watches send data directly to our server. Bluetooth Smart Watches send data to an application on your mobile phone, which in turn, sends data over a cellular network to our server.

We Monitor FDA Cleared Medical Devices

Not all chronic conditions can be monitored through your wearable. When this happens, we will make FDA-cleared medical devices available to you that are fit for purpose. FDA-cleared medical devices we support include, but are not limited to:

  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Blood Glucose Meter
  • Weight Scales

Providing Trend Analysis For Predictability

We maintain vital reporting over time in our Electronic Health Records (EHR) database. This provides us with trending information. For example, a temperature that shows it is continuously increasing allows us to observe and mitigate the issue before it becomes an event.

Protecting Your Future

TranscendConnect is committed to working with the latest and best monitoring applications and technologies to ensure you can benefit from them. They are improving so rapidly, that it is difficult to stay ahead of the game with a single app or technology. For example, you can have a wearable, but also have an app on your phone that collects your vitals by scanning your face or an app that gets your vitals by placing your finger on your smartphone camera. We will provide recommendations for what works best based on our Doctor’s Care Plan. We believe using a cellular FDA-cleared medical device is core for vital collection when it is complemented by a wearable that is worn day/night is highly beneficial. Add using a smartphone app that gathers your vitals on the spot to provide the highest level of monitoring possible.

Putting Lifestyle Management To Work For You

For the first time in history, active, casual and corporate lifestyles will have vast amounts of data from daily monitoring that can give insights into trends that your health could likely undergo.

Dr. Robert McPhee, DO, ACOFP, CMD, Corporate Medical Director

“TranscendConnect’s concept of Lifestyle Management is a game changer that will save lives. During my 15 years of volunteering at the Valspar Championship in the player’s medical tent, I have seen what happens when people don’t always listen and pay attention to what their body is telling them during heat and extreme elements. Having a medical service monitoring your vitals, calling out to you and checking on your well-being, may give you the warning you need to avert a serious life changing event!”

- Dr Robert McPhee, DO, ACOFP, CMD,Corporate Medical Director