Transcend Dr Connect™

Transcend Dr Connect improves the entire healthcare process by efficiently connecting physicians with their patients virtually – no matter where the individual is located. Offering virtual office visits and messaging between physicians and patients speeds up the care process, makes it significantly more cost effective and improves the quality of care. Dr Connect is designed to meet the specific needs of medical clinics, ACOs, care facilities and their patients.

Transcend Dr Connect

The Transcend Dr Connect platform is one of three modules that comprise Transcend Telehealth. The platform complements Transcend Remote Patient Monitoring but can be purchased stand-alone. Doctor, patient and family member portals are offered to provide full participation by those needing to be included in the plan of care. All portals allow for white labeling customization to reflect the clinic or care facility’s look-and-feel.

The Importance of an Electronic Health Record Platform

Transcend Dr Connect utilizes an Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform for storing and managing patient information safely and securely. EHR platforms are HIPAA-compliant to protect the privacy of the patient. The EHR platform can be Transcend EHR (FIHR/HL7 ready), a different FIHR/HL7 standards-based EHR or an EHR that requires a custom integration. As new healthcare applications are added, they utilize the information already in the existing EHR, making management of patient information less tedious and less time consuming. They also guarantee patient data accuracy. EHR platforms operate transparently in the background, allowing doctors, patients and family members to simply work within their specific portal.

Transcend Dr Connect Key Features and Benefits

View doctor schedules Guarantees appointment request is booked
Schedule virtual and in-person appointments online Ability to schedule the most appropriate venue
Record all or part of a video stream Save it to patient file for historical purposes
Full EHR or integrate to your EHR Flexible options for patient information management
Access to full patient records Whole view of patient current and historic care
Doctor, patient and family portals Extends care participation to family members
Fault-Tolerant No single point of failure
Hi-definition video, voice and chat An added communication capability for staff
White labeling capability Allows customizing portal to health provider look and feel
Complements Transcend Remote Patient Monitoring A full service virtual physician and patient care platform

Transcend Dr Connect for Doctors

Transcend Dr Connect helps clinics, care facilities and ACOs streamline and grow their businesses. The platform allows doctors and patients to manage appointments online. A virtual waiting room alerts the doctor when a patient is waiting online for an appointment. Doctors can compose SOAP notes, write prescriptions and request lab work within a single screen. Transcend Dr Connect can help doctors diagnose and treat minor medical issues and avoid unnecessary emergency room visits. Clinics and ACOs can grow their practices without adding physical infrastructure. Transcend Dr Connect provides better knowledge and increases control to patients so they actively participate in their own care.