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Transcend Connect is interested in working with forward thinking Care Providers looking to increase patient trust and care quality – while participating in a customized reoccurring revenue sharing opportunity.

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Transcend EHR™

Doctors, clinics and ACOS are beginning to recognize the value of Electronic Health Record (EHR) platforms. EHR platforms store and maintain all key patient information in a single HIPAA-compliant database that ensures patient information is up-to-date, accurate and secure. Transcend’s EHR is a core component of our Transcend Telehealth Platform, which also includes a Virtual Clinic and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) capabilities. Benefits include up-to-date and complete patient information at the point of care; all clinicians treating a patient have access to the same trusted record; reduction of potential drug interactions; No more redundant data entry of patient information.

Transcend’s EHR gives Care Providers the much-needed tools to provide better healthcare to their patients. Our platform adheres to both FHIR and HL7 standards – and it is compatible with Apple Health and Google Health.

Transcend EHR (Electronic Health Records)

Transcend Telehealth includes a well-thought-out and flexible EHR offering that is open to supporting all standards-based EHR platforms, Telehealth applications and medical devices. Unlike other EHR solutions, which are stand-alone, Transcend Telehealth includes an EHR, virtual visits with doctors/nurses and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) in a single platform. As a Care Provider, if you like our RPM service but you have an existing EHR, no problem. We will integrate your EHR with our Telehealth Platform. Although some Telehealth solutions may not require an EHR platform, adopting one will futureproof the ability to easily bring in new added-value healthcare technologies quickly. EHR Platforms maintain all patient data in a HIPAA-compliant database. Having a single place to retrieve patient data ensures all of your clinicians and Telehealth solutions are utilizing a single up-to-date patient record that is accurate and trusted.

Standards-Based Telehealth Platform

HL7 and now FHIR are two of the main standard API interfaces used for Telehealth solution integration. Transcend Telehealth Platform is built on both standard interfaces (FHIR and its precursor, HL7). You can utilize our RPM service and select our EHR platform or another EHR platform. You can also integrate additional Telehealth apps and devices to add value to your Transcend Telehealth platform. If the chosen platform is either HL7 or FHIR-ready, our Telehealth platform will quickly integrate through Transcend Telehealth Connect™. If the EHR platform of choice is an older platform that is not HL7 or FHIR-ready, we will be happy to provide a quote for custom integration.

Transcend EHR Transcend EHR Transcend EHR

Integration with Apple Health And Google Health

Transcend Telehealth platform, is pre-integrated with Apple Health and Google Health. Our EHR is capable of working with Smart Watches that are Apple Health and Google Health compliant. If your patient has an existing Smart Watch that is compliant and you want to prescribe monitoring, we’ll make sure it supports one or more of their chronic conditions. If not, we will suggest an FDA-cleared cellular-based medical device. The patient’s chronic conditions need to be part of your patient’s Care Plan set up by your medical team or ours so that we can bill CMS properly. We send monitoring data using Bluetooth or Cellular. Cellular Smart Watches and devices send data directly to our server. Bluetooth Smart Watches send data to an application on your mobile phone, which in turn, sends data over a cellular network to our server.

Transcend EHR

Integration With Cellular FDA-cleared Devices

Not all chronic conditions can be monitored through a wearable. When this happens, we will make cellular-based FDA-cleared medical devices available to your patients (through you) that are fit for purpose. FDA-cleared medical devices we support include, but are not limited to:

  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Blood Glucose Meter
  • Weight Scales

We utilize FDA-cleared medical devices that upload your patient’s vitals directly via a cellular network.