Transcend EHR

Doctors, clinics and ACOS are beginning to recognize the value of Electronic Health Record (EHR) platforms. Formally called Electronic Medical Record (EMR), EHR platforms store and maintain all key patient information in a single HIPAA-compliant data store that ensures the information is up-to-date, accurate and secure. Benefits include up-to-date and complete patient information at the point of care; all clinicians treating a patient have access to the same trusted record; reduction of potential drug interactions; safer patient care by reducing medical errors through more effective diagnosis.

Transcend EHR platform gives clinicians the much-needed tool to provide better healthcare to their patients. Our platform adheres to both FHIR and HL7 standards - and it is compatible with Google Fit and Apple Health. We are also able to connect with earlier platforms that have a custom interface.

Transcend EHR (Electronic Health Records)

Transcend Telehealth offers a well thought out and flexible EHR offering that is inclusive to all EHR platforms. Although some Telehealth solutions may not require an EHR platform, adopting one will futureproof your ability to easily bring in new added-value healthcare technologies quickly. EHR Platforms maintain all patient data in a HIPAA-compliant platform. Having a single place to retrieve patient data ensures all Telehealth solutions are utilizing a single up-to-date instance that is accurate and trusted.

Standards-based EHR

EHR platform technology has advanced nicely since they were first introduced. Historically, medical applications owned their patient information, forcing doctors to manage the same information in multiple places. This tedious replication is not only time consuming, it also opens the door for inaccuracies.

The newer EHR platforms have begun to adopt standard interfaces (FHIR and its precursor, HL7), allowing added value healthcare applications, like Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring to push and pull information to and from a single data store.

Today they are built with standard interfaces that make integrating with them a straightforward process. HL7 and now FHIR are two of the main standard API interfaces used for integration. Transcend Telehealth is one of the few progressive Telehealth platforms that is HL7 and FHIR ready – and compatible with Apple Health and Google Fit.

Flexible Implementation Option

Transcend Telehealth offers complete flexibility with your EHR selection. You can select our EHR platform or another EHR platform. If the chosen platform is either HL7 or FHIR-ready, our Telehealth platform will quickly integrate. If your EHR platform of choice is an older platform that is not HL7 or FHIR ready, we will be happy to provide a quote for a custom integration.