Transcend Remote Patient Monitoring

Transcend Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) provides cost effective and superior continuous monitoring to patients suffering from one or more conditions. The platform is flexible and can be tailored to meet the needs of care facilities, clinics, ACOs and their patients.

Although an integral part of the Transcend Telehealth platform, Transcend RPM can be purchased as a stand-alone module. We understand that family members wish to actively participate in a patient’s care. In addition to offering monitoring and physician portals, we offer a family portal that can be run on a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Key family members can monitor vitals, receive alerts in real-time and participate in physician visits – both virtual and in-person. And our white labeling enables customizing each portal with your business look-and-feel.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Platform Integration

Transcend RPM will seamlessly communicate with an EHR (ours or yours) or we will manage information in our database. Either way, communication and patient information management is transparent to physicians, nurses and patients. The key benefit of using an EHR is patient information is stored and managed in a single HIPAA-compliant repository. As new EHR-supported solutions are added, they immediately utilize the existing trusted patient information. No more paying for and managing multiple patient information repositories.

Transcend RPM Key Features and Benefits

Continually monitors chronic conditions Adheres to Plan of Care for patients at home
Alerts are set for “Not to exceed” Respond before condition becomes an emergency
RNs receive alerts Rapid response via video, voice or in-person
Dr, Patient and Family portals Extends care participation to family members
Our EHR, your EHR or no EHR Flexible options for patient information management
Fault tolerant No single point of failure
Hi-definition Video, voice, chat An added communication capability for staff
Government Reimbursable More than pays for the system cost
New revenue stream Reimbursement greater than system cost
White Labeling capability Allows customizing portal to health provider look and feel
Complements Transcend Dr Connect A full service virtual physician and patient care platform

Multiple Condition Wearable

The world of monitoring currently consists of several wearable options. The cost for wearables typically range from $100.00 to over $250.00. Transcend Telehealth is offering a wearable watch that is capable of continuously monitoring multiple health conditions in a single device for under $50.00. The watch is touch sensitive allowing the patient to swipe to view each of the conditions they are monitoring. This single wearable is capable of monitoring the following conditions:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Body Temperature
  • Heart Rate/ECG
  • Blood Oxygenation
  • Glucose monitoring for diabetes (soon)
  • Sleep Monitoring
  • Fall Detection
  • GPS Tracking with Geofencing