Transcend Remote Patient Monitoring™

Transcend Connect is interested in working with forward thinking Care Providers looking to increase patient trust and care quality – while participating in a customized reoccurring revenue sharing opportunity.

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Transcend Remote Patient Monitoring™

Transcend Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) provides cost-effective and superior monitoring to anyone suffering from one or more chronic conditions. Transcend RPM uses Smart Watches (i.e. Apple Health and Google Health compliant) or FDA-cleared health devices as input. The RPM service works with licensed nurses and physicians to support a longer and more vibrant life by providing predictable health outcomes. Transcend RPM is flexible and can be tailored to meet the needs of individuals, care facilities, clinics, ACOs and their patients.

A Whole Health Platform

Transcend Telehealth includes a well-thought-out and flexible EHR offering that is open to supporting all standards-based EHR platforms, Telehealth applications and medical devices. Unlike other EHR solutions, which are stand-alone repositories, Transcend Telehealth’s EHR includes virtual visits with doctors/nurses and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). Transcend RPM is the backbone of our Transcend Lifestyle Management service, offering continuous and scheduled monitoring anywhere and everywhere.

Most RPM companies require manually pushing data from medical devices to their monitoring service. Transcend RPM will automatically receive and track data directly from a Smart Watch in addition to accepting data pushed by FDA-cleared medical devices. And our white labeling enables customizing each portal with your business look and feel.

Transcend RPM Key Features And Benefits

Monitors chronic conditions – continually and scheduled Adheres to Plan of Care for patients at home
Alerts are set for “not to exceed” with continuous monitoring Respond before a condition becomes an emergency
Medical staff receives alerts on their dashboard Rapid response via text, phone call or video call
Your EHR or our EHR Flexible options for patient information management
Hi-definition video, text and call Multiple communication capabilities for staff
Government reimbursable More than pays for system cost
New revenue opportunity Reimbursement is greater than the system cost

We Monitor Vitals In The Background And On Demand

Transcend RPM is a powerful monitoring solution that supports continuous patient monitoring, via a supported Smart Watch, for multiple conditions simultaneously. Our solution also works seamlessly with several FDA-cleared medical devices. We work with our Care Provider partner’s medical staff, licensed nurses and physicians to support a longer and more vibrant life. If the service is implemented by a partnering Care Provider, one of their Doctors will set up a Care Plan for monitoring the patient’s vitals. We can also assist our partner by working with one of our Doctors to set up the Care Plan. If at any time, a vital sign that is being continuously monitored exceeds the maximum condition set by the Doctor, the partner’s medical staff will be alerted on Transcend’s RPM Dashboard. Their staff has the option of contacting the patient by video, phone or text to inform them of the issue and check to make sure they are ok. One of their Doctors can be included in the conversation if necessary to recommend any next steps. Our mission is to correct issues before they become an emergency.

Our RPM Service Works With Your Google Health And Apple Heath Smart Watches

Our RPM service is capable of working with Smart Watches that are Apple Health and Google Health compliant. If your patient has an existing Smart Watch that meets these criteria, we will work with you to see if it supports monitoring one or more chronic conditions. These conditions need to be part of your patient’s Care Plan set up by you or our medical team. We send monitoring data using Bluetooth or Cellular. Cellular Smart Watches send data directly to our server. Bluetooth Smart Watches send data to an application on your patient’s mobile phone, which in turn, sends data over a cellular network to our server.

FDA Cleared Medical Devices

Not all chronic conditions can be monitored through a wearable. When this happens, we will make FDA-cleared medical devices available to your patient through you that are fit for purpose. FDA-cleared medical devices we support include, but are not limited to:

  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Blood Glucose Meter
  • Weight Scales

Additionally, we recommend using a wearable that best matches your chronic condition, and a facial scan app on your cell phone or laptop to get immediate feedback on demand.

We Monitor Serious Medical Conditions

Medical conditions are assessed based on one or more vitals. If your patient has a medical condition, all of the vitals that affect the condition will be monitored.


Protecting Your Future

TranscendConnect is committed to working with the latest and best monitoring applications and technologies to ensure your patients can benefit from them. They are improving so rapidly, that it is difficult to stay ahead of the game with a single app or technology. For example, your patient can have a wearable, but also have an app on their phone that collects vitals by scanning their face or an app that gets vitals by placing their finger on their smartphone camera. We will provide recommendations for what works best based on the Doctor’s Care Plan. Currently, we believe wearing a Smart Watch day/night complimented by a smartphone app that gathers vitals on the spot is highly beneficial. This allows you to collect constant patient vitals over time and also get instant readings when you want them.