Transcend Telehealth

Since its inception, Telehealth has made a significant contribution to the quality of care patients are receiving. A recent Healthcare Coalition survey produced findings that stated Telehealth improves patient care and provider processes. A virtual doctor visit takes an average of 20 minutes for the patient versus 2 hours for an in-person visit. 60% of clinician respondents say that Telehealth has improved their patients’ health while also improving the financial health of their businesses. 75% of people felt Telehealth was as good or better than traditional healthcare. Telehealth is fast becoming the preferred method of receiving healthcare.

Transcend Telehealth provides care givers the ability to provide high quality healthcare to their patients located in their own homes.

Transcend Telehealth Platform

Transcend Telehealth

Transcend Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Transcend RPM is a powerful platform that supports continuous patient monitoring for multiple conditions simultaneously. In addition to the rich feature set provided by Transcend RPM, our platform offers complete flexibility and is highly cost effective. Our goal is to blend into your care facility or practice by allowing you to make all of the decisions that work for you.

Flexible options are key:

  • Use our wearables or yours (driven by the plan of care)
  • Use our tablet or yours
  • Use our nurses for monitoring or yours
  • Use our EHR Platform or yours – or a new standards-based Platform

Transcend RPM is the most flexible and cost effective Remote Patient Monitoring platform on the market today. And given the new federal government reimbursement numbers associated with a physician’s Plan of Care, the platform is very cost effective. It not only pays for itself, it provides a new revenue stream opportunity for care facilities.

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Transcend Dr Connect

Transcend Dr Connect is a full service virtual physician and patient care platform. Transcend Dr Connect is targeted towards medical clinics and care facilities that have their own medical staff, or work with a group of doctors.

With Transcend Dr Connect, doctors and their patients have immediate access to a full view of an individual’s care (history, current and planned). Virtually connecting doctors with their patients makes care more efficient than in-person visits. Patients can connect virtually with their doctor(s) and view/manage their visit schedules, conversations and care plan. Giving patients access to their entire medical record allows them to actively participate in their own care. Providing doctors with virtual access to a patient’s entire medical record, no matter how many doctors are involved, guarantees each patient receives precise, targeted care.

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Electronic Health Records (EHR) Platform

EHR Platforms offer the benefit of maintaining patient and doctor information in a single place to guarantee that data is trusted, up to date and accurate. EHR Platforms are HIPAA-compliant, meaning patient information is secure and protected. EHR platforms work transparently in the background supporting e-health solutions. They store patient information (i.e. records, treatments, tests and RPM measurements) and serve it to platforms like Transcend Telehealth.

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