Restcomm On-Prem Media Server

Restcomm On-Prem Platform

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The Restcomm On-Prem Media Server is a Java-based real-time Media Server that supports next generation WebRTC standards and offers rich media features such as:

  • Streaming
  • Conferencing
  • Recording
  • Playback
  • Interactive voice response (IVR)
  • Text-to-speech

The Media Server can be accessed programmatically through either Media Gateway Control Protocols (MGCP) or Java Specification Request (JSR) 309 protocols. MGCP is a robust and stable signaling and call control communications protocol used in Voice over IP (VoIP) telecommunication systems. JSR 309 is a specification designed to provide server-based Java applications with multimedia capabilities. These include a large range of applications from simple ring-back tones to complex conferencing applications, by providing:

  • media network connectivity to establish media streams
  • IVR functions to play/record/control multimedia contents including audio and video from file or streaming servers
  • controls to join and mix IVR function to network connection (following any topology) to create audio conferences and audio call bridges

As part of a complete solution, Restcomm Connect exposes the media capabilities offered by the Restcomm On-Prem Media Server in a way that is easy to understand and integrate for web developers. Developers do not need experience or an understanding of complex telecom protocols and standards to create telecom-enabled applications.

The Restcomm On-Prem Media Server takes advantage of The Restcomm On-Prem Platform’s clustering functionality for proven scalability and high availability in service provider and enterprise networks worldwide.

Both MGCP and JSR 309 drivers run in Java EE, SIP Servlets or JSLEE containers.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Multitenant Media Gateway functionality enables operators to provide streaming, conferencing, recording, playback, interactive voice response (IVR), text-to-speech and other rich media features for multiple domains or brands – simultaneously
  • Robust codec support with G.711u/a, GSM, PCM(L16), G.729 and DTMF (RFC 2833 and inband). All common voice and video applications are supported
  • Standard Media File support for GSM and WAV formats enables flexibility in media storage and playback applications
  • MGCP and Java Media Control API (JSR 309) support enables the media server to be used in conjunction with Restcomm On-Prem SIP Servlets or any 3rd Party Java application. These include stand-alone applications or services created in other technologies like PHP, .NET or C/C++
  • Carrier-grade performance and availability for high scalability and reliability with load balancing and clustering support to deliver an excellent user experience for mobile subscribers
  • On-premises and cloud deployment options provide outstanding flexibility for service providers and enterprise applications. Fully self-contained and highly optimized, the media gateway supports both Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and clustered Virtual Machine (VM) deployments
  • Flexible Operations and Monitoring support using industry standard protocols with full transaction logging, auditing and reporting capabilities
  • Open Source software is well-documented allowing your staff the opportunity to learn, optimize and customize the media gateway to your evolving requirements free from vendor lock-in